The product process of Metro Rail Bogie Chassis
The product process of Metro Rail Bogie Chassis

General Engineering Metro Rail Bogie Chassis

Premier Ltd. has an excellent facility for building machines and providing machining solutions for railway wheels. Over the decade, Premier has a proven track record for providing solutions for various railway works such as Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW), Wheel & Axle plant, COFMOW and other private companies in India. With a repertoire of technical expertise and potential in design and application, Premier is planning to develop its in-house facilities to cater to the requirements of railway wheel and axle machining.

The Company manufactures and supplies bogie frames for BEML Bengaluru for DMRC Project(as an import substitute). Now Premier Ltd. is gearing up to conquer local as well as international market of bogie frames for coaches, metro bogie frames as well as passenger coaches. The Company has five Axis CNC boring and Plano milling machine for specialised machining.

Why Premier entered the Metro segment

“With India’s urban population likely to grow from 400 million in 2011 to over 600 million by 2030, there will be greater demand for quality and sophisticated transport solutions like metro rail and monorail, and this will ensure tremendous growth prospects for global transport infrastructure companies, at least for the next two decades. This lucrative demand and confidence in our technical and manufacturing expertise led Premier to enter this segment,” says Mr. P.G. Salunkhe, Vice President, Heavy Engineering Division.


  Beginnings of the Metro Project in India


  • Kolkata opened India’s first metro (16.5 km) in 1984, but the project did not inspire confidence in the Indian Government to promote further schemes.

  • Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) was established by the Indian Government and Delhi Government in 1995 to build a new metro system in the capital.

  • The Bangalore Metro Project, undertaken in 2007, is being implemented by the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL)—a joint venture by the Indian Government and Karnataka Govenment.

  • The Hyderabad Metro is a public-private partnership project, estimated to cost USD 2.8 billion, and will be implemented through a special purpose vehicle.

FAST FACT 274: Bogie frames manufactured by Premier through BEML for DMRC RS 6 Project.

FAST FACT 975: Passenger capacity per car for the Kochi Metro.

  • Complete fabrication and machining of the rail car under body chassis frame including
    • Plate cutting
    • Bending/forming
    • Welding
    • Fabrication
    • Machining
    • Blasting painting
  • Approved by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC)
  • Engineering Division has now successfully dispatched more than 200 bogie frames till date.
  •  Production Line
    • Bogie frame: This can be of inside frame type where the main frame and bearings are between the wheels or, more commonly, of outside frame type where the main frame and bearings are outside the wheels.
    • Suspension: This is to absorb shocks between the bogie frame and rail vehicle body.
    • At least one wheel set, composed of an axle with bearings and a wheel at each end.
    • Brake equipment: Two main types are used—brake shoes that are pressed against the tread of the wheel, and disc brakes and pads.
      Metro bogie components manufactured by Premier

    Initial sets of metro bogies were built by ROTEM in South Korea, with later examples completed in India by public sector undertaking Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML).

  • After being approached by BEML as a machining source for bogie frames, Premier decided to exploit this opportunity and build it into an in-depth business project.
  • The birth of bogie frames manufacturing began with initially 16 units in 2009 for DMRC RS 4 project.
  • On successfully completing the trial order and assuring the client of high-quality bogie frames, a further order of DMRC RS 6 was received.
  • In addition to BEML, the Company now supplies to other prestigious brands like Alstom of France and Hyundai Rotem of Korea.
  • Certified for international standard EN 15085-2 for manufacturing of class 1 railway components.
  • FAST FACT 274: Bogie frames manufactured by Premier within 18 months.

    FAST FACT 168: Bogie frames by Premier through Hyundai Rotem Company for DMRC RS 10 Project.

    FAST FACT 554: End under frames being manufacturied by Premier through Alstom Transport for Kochi Metro Phase 1 Project.

    FAST FACT 308: End under frames by Premier under finalization through Alstom Transport for Sydney Metro, Australia.

      Alstom & Premier
    • 21 trains of 168 end under frame (EUF) orders for Kochi Metro to be manufactured over a period of 13 months.
    • Project team includes 14 qualified welders and 6 expert engineers.
    • 11 jigs & fixtures designed and manufactured inhouse to ensure quality and productivity.
    • Quality checks at 93 stages.
    • Radiography testing of 11 welding joints and Ultrasonic Testing of 18 welding joints in each EUF.
    “Thank you for your commitment to start this first under frame project with Alstom. We appreciate the Management's proactive approach and dedication towards this partnership,” - Mr. F. Scafarto, Director (Supplier Products & Quality Developer), Alstom.
      Hyundai Rotem & Premier
    • An order of 554 bogie frames is being received for DMRC RS 10 Project, and is to be manufactured over 20 months.
    • Project team includes 22 qualified welders and 8 expert engineers.
    • 34 jigs, fixtures & positioners designed and manufactured inhouse to ensure quality and productivity.
    • Quality checks at 109 stages.
    • Radiography testing of 18 welding joints in one bogie frame.
    "Working with the team at Premier has been a great experience as they have met our expectations at all levels. The engagement has been very cost effective and has enabled us to keep projects well within budgets," - Mr. J.H. Kim, Deputy General Manager Head of Quality, Hyundai Rotem.
      BEML & Premier
    • 274 bogie frames manufactured over a period of 18 months.
    • Team includes 24 qualified welders and 6 expert engineers.
    • 22 jigs & fixtures designed and manufactured inhouse to ensure quality and productivity.
    • Quality checks at 90 stages.
    • Radiography testing of 62 welding joints in each bogie frame.
    "Within this fast-paced industry of high demand, Premier Ltd. has proven itself to be an extremely reliable fabrication and machining shop that gives honest delivery, pricing, and quality which every customer expects," — Mr. B.L. Manjunath, Chief General Manager (Metro - Production), BEML.

    Premier’s engineering employees underwent specialized training for manufacturing at Hyundai Rotem for the Delhi Metro Rail’s RS 10 Project.

    Our recent developments over the last quarter are detailed below:

    • Two of our senior officers—Mr. J.B. Mandhare and Mr. S.S. Lokhande—received in-depth training on indigenization of manufacturing bogie frames for this project at Hyundai Rotem’s manufacturing facility in Korea, where they observed Hyundai Rotem’s manufacturing and infrastructure setup, learnt about the fabrication processes for bogie frames such as cutting, beveling, bending, welding and machining.
    • They also learnt about new and advanced technology required for manufacturing of bogie frames and the welding processes used and followed by Hyundai Rotem for their products.
    • FAST FACT 554: Bogies being supplied by Premier to Hyundai Rotem.

    “We were exposed to the RS10 bogie assembly shop where all parts are assembled, giving us an idea of the final product and requirement for which our supplied frames are used. This holistic view will help us serve our customers better and meet their requirements as per their expectations and quality standards,” - Mr. Mandhare & Mr. S.S. Lokhande.